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Want To Learn The Easiest & Fastest Way to Build a Recession-Proof Online Business in 2023?

(Even If You Have No Technical Skills)


The Step-By-Step Shortcut To Building Your Own "Freedom Factory" & Making Your First 4 Figures Online In A Matter Of Weeks

WARNING: This FAST TRACK to building an online business will give you more freedom & flexibility than you'll know what to do with. It's only for you if...

You want to start your first online business in record time (Even if you're working full time and only have a few hours a week)

You're not a "technical person" and you don't have months to spend learning the complex apps that most people use to run their online business.

You already tried starting an online business "The Normal Way" but got burned out by how expensive and time-consuming it is.

  • So If You're Ready To...

    Work & Live From Anywhere You Want In the World

    Break Free From The 9-5 & Take Control Of Your Time

    Build A Product Once That You Can Sell Forever

    This Is Where It All Starts.

    For the first time in human history, every single one of us has the opportunity to change our lives with the power of an online business.

  • More Freedom

  • More Finances

  • More Fulfilment

  • But What Makes Right Now Such A Unique Opportunity To Get Started?

    The 2020 pandemic compressed the next

    5-10 years of online business growth into 1 single year.

    Countless new people started buying online and doing it more frequently. More people buying online = more opportunity to sell online.

    Joining This Revolution And Having A Successful Online Business Of Your Own Really Requires Just A Few Key Steps: 

    running man icon mindset and marketing


    Pick The Area, Niche, or Skill To Start Your Business In 

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    Create Your Digital Product & Build Your Customer Journey

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    Sell Your Product & Enjoy Your New Life Of Freedom

    "But wait a second... if it's so easy, then why hasn't everyone been doing this already?"

    Well outside of our method, it's actually pretty difficult for the average "non-technical" person to be successful online and you're about to learn why.

    Here's "The Normal Way" To Start An Online Business That Everyone Else Is Doing...

    Step 1:

    Spend months (or years) learning the 9 essential technical skills that every online business needs in order to run.  

    1. How To Design & Build Your Web Pages

    2. Set Up Your Payment Links

    3. Map Out & Build Your Sales Funnels

    4. Create Your Digital Products

    5. Set Checkouts For Products

    6. Write & Automate Your Emails

    7. Build Your Members Area

    8. Learn Copywriting Skills

    9. Manage Your Affiliate Center

    Step 2:

    Not to mention the combined cost of all the different apps you typically need to do everything above which is a minimum of $2,000 per month. 

    This means that for your first year in business alone, you would be spending at least a whopping $24,000!

    This all leads to the 3 main problems that cause the average non-technical person to take

    months or years

    to build their first online business...


    The Time To Learn All The Different Apps You Need

    You’re being forced to painfully learn as many as 18 different apps or services one by one (and then figure out how to link them all together).


    The Cost Of Paying For All The Different Apps You Need 

    Which can easily total a minimum of $2,000 every month for just the basic apps and services you need alone (not including the cost of time).


    Trying To Learn From Too Many "Free" Sources Online

    Instead of using a clear roadmap that takes you step by step from

    A to Z. This only leads to confusion and will slow you down massively.

    Now what if I told you we created a way so that you can avoid all of that? A way that's

    Fast, Efficient, & Easy To Learn



    The Shortcut To Building Your Own “Freedom Factory” & Making Your First 4 Figures Online In A Matter of Weeks


    Is an online programme that not only teaches you how to build your business the fast way with a crystal clear step by step process...

    ...but it also gives you all the tech you need to actually run your business so that it's super simple to get up and running fast.

    Remember the 9 major technical skills that you need to run your business?

     You won't need to learn them all because they will be in 1 app for you ready to go.

    Each of the technical parts you need to run your business will be already connected with exclusive "Freedom Factory" templates that we will teach you how to complete.

    This means that a lot of the hard work will already be done for you by the time you start.

    What Makes "Life's A Beach" Unique Compared To Other Programmes That Teach You How To Start An Online Business?

    Most programmes teach you the "What" of starting your online business but leave you to figure out the "How"... especially when it comes to the technical stuff.

    This means that you might have all the pieces but no way to put them together.  

    Life's A Beach gives you all the pieces you need so you can hit the ground running. 


    It is a programme that has been engineered with the beginner in mind so that you can find success even if you're just starting out.

    But not only do you get a course that teaches you exactly how to set up your online business...

    And not only do you get the tech you need to actually run your online business...  

    Your real key to success is that you will have weekly support calls with Matthew Toman and his team.

    Every week you will have a support call with Matthew & his team at Bankhouse Media to support you with anything you need.  

    This is a team of professional digital marketers working at a successful agency that you will have complete access to. 

    The Mindset And Marketing Academy

    You will join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in the same boat as you so that you reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

    "Life's A Beach" Is The Right Choice For You If...

    • You Want To Build Your Online Business As Fast As Possible With A Proven Method 

    • You Want To Have Fun While You're Building This Next Chapter Of Your Life

  • You Want World Class Support From Leading Digital Marketing Experts

  • You're Ready To Uplevel Your Life & Join The Digital Marketing Revolution

  • Now let's take a closer look at the journey you will take when you join "Life's A Beach"...

    Module 1: You Are Already The Expert

    You will start your journey by completing our proven process to discover the best area, niche, or skill you have experience in that you can start your business around. You will...

  • Identify your niche and clarify the problems that you solve for your future customers.

  • Create a memorable brand name and craft a mission statement for your business. 

  • Master your mindset around this new chapter of your life and overcome any imposter syndrome. 

  • Module 2: Build A Profitable Product

    Next, you will build your first profitable product that you can sell through your business, whether it's an online course, e-commerce product, e-book, or coaching program. You will... 

  • Learn our fast-track method to this process so you can start generating revenue as fast as possible.

  • Add key features and unique selling points to your product so it makes an impact in your market. 

  • Price your product the right way so that it's profitable but it competitive in your market.

  • Module 3: Finding Your Perfect Client

    Now it's time to find your customers. Not just finding them online but also finding "who" they are as people so you can craft your messaging to speak directly to them. You will...

  • Define the exact perfect client who will benefit most from the product you're selling.

  • Learn our unique customer research method that allows you to become an expert on your clients. 

  • Craft perfect messaging to your client so they know your product can help them as soon as they see it. 

  • Module 4: Build Your Customer Journey

    This is where you create your own "Freedom Factory" within Groove using the templates we've given you. Remember, A lot of the hard work is done for you here already. You will...

  • Complete a mapped out 3 part sales funnel so that your customers can buy from you easily.  

  • Learn how to craft the perfect sales page for your product as part of the Freedom Factory formula. 

  • Add your product to your Freedom Factory so it delivers to your customers seamlessly.

  • Module 5: Master Your Traffic

    Now it's the fun part: Getting customers and getting paid. You will learn how to get your first lifetime customers as fast as possible once your Freedom Factory is ready. You will...

  • Learn the fast organic traffic strategies to get customers that won't cost you a thing. 

  • Master the copywriting skills that will convert different traffic types into paying customers. 

  • Receive our "Digital Strategy Blueprint" so that you can map out your full organic traffic strategy.  

  • Now Just To Recap, Here's Everything You Get When You Join The "Life's A Beach" Programme:

    The "Life's A Beach" 5 Step Online Programme

    Lifetime Access

    $2,000 Value

  • 5 in-depth modules that take you by step by step through launching your first business. 

  • Easy to follow training videos that show you exactly how to set up your business.

  • Interactive workbooks to save and track all your progress.

  • Your "Freedom Factory" With All The Apps You Need To Run Your Business

    Weekly Group Mentoring with Matthew

    $5,000 Value

  • The 9+ major apps you need to run your business already connected.

  • Exclusive "Freeom Factory" web & e-mail templates that will never be available anywhere else.

  • Access to Recordings of ALL Group Calls During the 16 weeks

  • Weekly Coaching With Matthew Toman And His Team At The Mindset & Marketing Academy

    Weekly Group Mentoring with Matthew

    $5,000 Value

  • 16 Weeks Of Live Group Mentoring With Matthew

  • GUEST Appearances from Top Mindset & Marketing experts

  • Access to Recordings of ALL Group Calls During the 16 weeks

  • Total Value: $12,000

    But That's Not Everything You're Getting...

    Bonus #1: The Evolution Of You

    Our 12 Step Course To Master Your Mindset For Life

    The Mindset And Marketing Academy

    12 steps to change your life. This online course will help you to master your mindset to keep you focused on the right things throughout your journey. 

    $1,000 Value

    Bonus #2: The M&M Masterclass Series

    6 In-Depth Masterclasses On Key Areas Of Growing Your Business

    The Mindset And Marketing Academy

    Our 6 part Masterclass Series that will help you to master key skills along your business journey that will serve you for the rest of your life. 

    $1,000 Value

    The Mindset And Marketing Academy

    The Evolution Of You



  • Lifetime Access to The Evolution Of You

  • Master Your Mindset & Reach Success

  • Weekly Group Calls with Matthew

  • Access to Exclusive Trainings

  • Ongoing Support

  • Life's A Beach



  • Lifetime Access to Life's a Beach

  • Learn to Build Your First Online Business

  • Weekly Group Calls with Matthew

  • Exclusive Access to Groove Funnels

  • Ongoing Support

  • Masterclass Series



  • Lifetime Access to Life's a Beach

  • Learn to Build Your First Online Business

  • Weekly Group Calls with Matthew

  • Exclusive Access to Groove Funnels

  • Ongoing Support

  • Total Value: $12,000

    All Yours For Just One Payment Of


    Join "Life's A Beach" Now

    Frequently Asked Questions

    + How long does it take to complete the course?

    This is a video series so you can go as quickly or slowly as you want. I will be personally on group calls with all of you for 6 weeks teaching each module going though any challenges you may have.

    + How is the course delivered?

    The course will be delivered by video series, workbooks to be completed and weekly group calls in our members area.

    + Do I really get access to Matthew in the group calls?

    Yes! You get access to me on the calls and I am very excited to meet each of you.

    + Do I need to be technical to do this?

    Absolutely not! I struggle to use a Samsung phone and have built an online digital business from scratch.

    + How long will it take to start making money from my online business?

    This depends on you, what industry you are stepping into and how committed you are. Rome wasn’t built in a day but when the time comes to transition from 9-5 to being your own boss there is no money in the world that can match that feeling, for me it is freedom.

    + Can I pay in instalments?

    Please see offer that you are being made, all payment options will be listed.

    Any More Questions?

    If you're still unsure if the 'Life's A Beach' course is right for you, let's have a chat!

    Book a free call with one of our team members today.

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