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The Step-By-Step Shortcut to Having Your First Online Business & Making Your First 4 Figures In a Matter Of Weeks. (Even If You Currently Have No Clue What To Start Your Business In!) 

  • Our Brand New AI Marketing Assistant Makes The Process Easier Than Ever

  • Have More Freedom And Make Your Money

  • Turn Your Skills and Experiences Into A New income Stream 

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Real Success Stories From 'Life's A Beach'

With Life’s A Beach, I doubled my passive income in less than 2 weeks. This was my first online learning experience and it couldn’t have been easier. It helped me create an amazing online course..

Lisa McFarland

Relationship Coach NI

My online business went through the roof after following the steps that Matthew lays out in Life's A Beach. My online course now sells around the clock and reaches the entire world.

Tom Smyth 

Dream Mentoring

Before Life's A Beach, the idea of an online business felt impossible. Now I realize that anyone can do this with the support you get from this course.  It makes the whole process fun and enjoyable.

Nikki Noire

Pole Elevation Academy

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All It Takes Is A Single Step To Change Your Life With an Online Business

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at with your online business, all you ever need to do is take the next step.

The problem is that it can be hard to figure out what that next step is with so many different pieces of the puzzle to solve.

This is why it is so important to have a step by step plan that takes you from ground zero all the way to making actual money with your online business.

We made this package so that you have everything you need to build a successful online business.

Life’s A Beach is for you if…

You are at the very start of your online business journey.

You want an easy, fast way to start an online business.

You are ready to break from the 9 to 5 once and for all.

Traditionally, Creating An Online Business

Requires A Laundry List of Technical Skills...

  • Designing and Building a Professional Website

  • Building A Private Members Area For Your Customers

  • Integrating Payment Processors Seamlessly

  • Crafting Automated E-mail Campaigns To Engage Your Customers

  • Managing Your Affiliate Center For Seamless Product Promotion

  • Writing Captivating Copy That Converts Visitors Into Customers

  • And Let's Not Forget The Burden Of...

  • Hiring A Web Developer

  • Paying For A Copywriter's Expertise

  • Engaging A Graphic Designer For Branding 

  • Investing In Hosting Packages

  • Subscribing To Email Marketing Software

  • Getting Someone To Map Out Your Sales Funnel

  • Purchasing Online Course-Building Software

  • Doing things the "normal" way could set you back a whopping $2,000 every month. That's $24,000 a year!

    This is why the Life’s A Beach course truly shines.

    We're not just teaching you how to start an online business. 

    We're giving you the keys to the kingdom so you have a beautiful website and are ready to take payments immediately. Say goodbye to technical nightmares and skyrocketing costs.

    For a single one-time payment of just $497,

    you get immediate access to everything below:

    Expert Training to start your business from ground zero.

    • A video course that gives you advanced strategies to develop your business.

    • Each video is jargon-free, no-fluff, and cuts straight to the point.

    • You will also use brand new AI methods to make this faster than ever.

    Proven website and sales funnel templates so you have all the tech you need to run your business.

    • You get the 18 essential apps you need to run your business.

    • You won't have to worry about the technical stuff at all. 

    • You save thousands of dollars every month from having to use other services.

    High converting page templates for your whole business. 

    • Page templates for your sales pages, thank you page, and checkout page.

    • Will save you from months of headaches and frustration.

    • Just fill in the blanks of your templates and you’re ready to sell.

    It doesn’t matter if you have no clue what to start your business in!

    We teach you how to start an online business around almost anything.

    Whether you realise it or not, you have value and skills right now that are valuable to someone else. 'Life's A Beach' will teach you how to find them and turn them into a profitable business.

    Now in 2023: Revamped with

    Our Brand New AI Marketing Assistant

    We have updated the entire course to include our brand new AI Marketing Assistant which makes the process easier than ever.

    • You can now build your first product in a matter of days.

    • You can use our sales page copy formula to make expert copy in a matter of seconds. 

    • You save potentially months or weeks of work. 

    You Just Follow Our Proven 5 Step Formula:

    1. Select Your Area of Expertise

    2. Create Your First Profitable Product

    3. Target Your Perfect Customer

    4. Build Your Customer Journey

    5. Master Your Traffic

    About Your Teacher

    Matthew Toman

    Matthew is the founder of The Mindset & Marketing Academy and digital media agency Bankhouse Media. Matthew has helped hundreds of business owners of all walks of life to find lasting success online. 

    After dropping out of school at 16 and having no technical background, Matthew has still managed to build multiple million dollar online businesses.  Now it his mission to help as many people as possible build their online business fast and inexpensively.

    While he might be earlier in his career than Mike or Glen, Matthew has a goal to help over 1,000,000 million change their lives with an online business and he is well on his way. 

    Here Is Everything You Get When You Join Today For A Single Payment Of Just $497

    Life's A Beach: The Step by Step Shortcut to Growing Your First Online Business and Making Your First 4 Figures Online In a Matter Of Weeks ($1,997 Value)
  • A video course with advanced strategies to grow your business, make more money, and save you months of trial and error. 

  • Instant access to your own exclusive Groove account with everything you need to run your online business super easily. 

  • High-converting Life’s A Beach templates for your sales pages, checkout pages, e-mails, members area, and much more. 

  • Our Sales Page Copy training which has been one of the biggest game-changers for our students to get incredible results faster than ever. 

  • But that's not all...

    FREE Bonus #1:

    The AI Online Business Launchpad With 1000 AI Prompts: ($997 Value)

  • Fast track your online business success by using our brand new marketing assistant which does most of the hard work for you. 

  • Instant download of an e-book with 1000 marketing prompts that will help you get the most out of AI. 

  • Learn how to master 5 simple steps that will teach you how to create an online business around anything. 

  • FREE Bonus #2:
    The Evolution Of You: 12 Step Mindset Mastery Course ($997 Value)
  • A 12-module course designed to help you transform your mindset, develop powerful habits and unlock your full potential. 

  • The 12 essential steps to success that will improve every aspect of your life and business journey. 

  • Includes contributions from some of the world’s biggest experts on success and the law of attraction who appeared in ‘The Secret’.

  • FREE Bonus #3:
    The Mindset & Marketing Academy Masterclass Series ($997 Value)
  • The step by step strategies used to generate $30 million in sales by 2 of the most biggest JV Traffic experts in the world: Glen Ledwell and Ridgly Goldsborough.

  • Packed with the insider JV tactics you need to skyrocket your business with the best source of traffic there is: High converting JV traffic. 

  • Learn how to avoid the mistakes most people and skip right to the good part: Having a whole fleet of JV partners selling your product for you. 

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    People Normally Pay THOUSANDS of Dollars For This Level Of Expertise

    The full "Life's A Beach" bundle has a total value worth $4,491.

    And it saves you $2,000 every month on running your online business "The Normal Way"

  • The Full 'Life's A Beach' Course With Your Website Templates

  • $1,997

  • The AI Online Business Launchpad

  • $997

  • 'The Evolution Of You' Mindset Mastery Course

  • $997

  • The Mindset & Marketing Masterclass Series

  • $500

    Total Value $4,491

    All Yours For Just

    One Payment of $497

    Get Instant Access NOW!

    We offer a 100% 30 day refund no-questions-asked refund. Just email us at any point if you decide Life's A Beach is not for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    + How long does it take to complete the course?

    This is a video series so you can go as quickly or slowly as you want. I will be personally on group calls with all of you for 6 weeks teaching each module going though any challenges you may have.

    + How is the course delivered?

    The course will be delivered by video series, workbooks to be completed and weekly group calls in our members area.

    + Do I really get access to Matthew in the group calls?

    Yes! You get access to me on the calls and I am very excited to meet each of you.

    + Do I need to be technical to do this?

    Absolutely not! I struggle to use a Samsung phone and have built an online digital business from scratch.

    + How long will it take to start making money from my online business?

    This depends on you, what industry you are stepping into and how committed you are. Rome wasn’t built in a day but when the time comes to transition from 9-5 to being your own boss there is no money in the world that can match that feeling, for me it is freedom.

    + Can I pay in instalments?

    Please see offer that you are being made, all payment options will be listed.

    Any More Questions?

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